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60-Second Questionnaire for Hospitality Accounts

Please tell us more about your hospitality and beverage program goals for 2020. We welcome the opportunity to infuse your guest experiences with exceptional wines and spirits from our award winning local and international producers.

Are you focusing your beverage program on local or international wines, or are you open to wines from any region? Please select all that apply.
Which best describes your type of organization?
Would you like to explore options for events and specialized lists within our organization? Please select all that apply.
Let's crunch the numbers and customize suggestions for you, from margin-makers to limited wines, by category. Please select the wholesale price points of interest to you.
Would you like to brainstorm ideas for featuring any of the following?

How much time and attention do you give to catering and events?

Very MinimalA Fair AmountAt Least Half of My TimeQuite a BitIt's My Main Focus

Please rate the importance of wine events to your guest experiences.

UnimportantMinimally ImportantFairly ImportantQuite ImportantThey are Central to the Experience
Would you like to feature producers at your wine events?*
Would you like us to lead staff educaton for your group on our wines?

Thanks for submitting! We'll get back to you soon.

**Washington winery staff are permitted by the WSLCB to pour at wine events. All other producers and representatives may support events by interacting with guests and sharing the stories behind the wines and spirits. Rest assured, you can expect our team and suppliers to participate in your wine events to the highest level of professionalism and full compliance with WSLCB parameters. We are also familiar with 501-C guidelines. We excel in guiding top caliber guest gatherings around wines, ciders  and cocktails.

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