Our Suppliers

It's so much more than just a name on a bottle. It's decades or centuries of hard work, passion, and commitment to quality and tradition. Let us introduce you.


Altos Las Hormigas

Region: Mendoza     

Farming Type: Biodynamic, Organic

With a Terroir Project that is centered on the idea that, "the main creative force behind the wine is its place of origin, and not the winemaker," Altos Las Hormigas uses Malbec as the vehicle to convey the unique and diverse nature of Mendoza. They have taken care to define individual 'Terroir units', to map them, and to farm them individually, so the character of each comes through in each distinct wine.

Bodega Goulart

Region: Mendoza     

Founded in 1915 by Gastau Goulart, a Brazilian military leader in political exile in Argentina, the estate was abandoned several years later when he returned to Brazil to lead the country's Constitutional Revolution. The property was revived in 1988 by the Marshall's granddaughter, and is managed by she and her family today. The replanted vineyards thrive in the unique microclimate of the area, and produce bold, complex wines.

Ruca Malen.jpg
Bodega Ruca Malen

Region: Mendoza     

With a philosophy that the wines are made in the vineyard first, the founders of Ruca Malen are devoted to understanding the details of the diverse microterroirs they farm along the base of the Andes. The wines are crafted using French techniques, but artfully express each unique varietal and terroir, offering a true Mendozan experience with each sip.  


Boxhead Winemakers

Region: McLaren Vale   

Farming Type: Sustainable Practices, Dry-Farmed 

Born from a collaboration between world renowned winery Hentley Farms and their American Importer Vine Street Imports, the wines are crafted on the Farm from some of the best fruit in Southern Australia. The goal is to produce wines that showcase all of the flavors the region has to offer, at a price everyone can enjoy.



Bolney Wine Estate

Region: West Sussex   

Farming Type: Certified Sustainable

The first three acres of vines were planted in 1972, making Bolney only the sixth commercial vineyard in England. Since then, they have focused on growing a range of varietals to produce red, white, rose and sparkling wines that have been highly decorated in both national and international competitions. Now under the third generation of leadership, the estate is maintaining its focus on producing the highest quality wines possible with new modern innovations in their winemaking process.

Digby Fine English 

Region: West Sussex   

Farming Type: Zero emission, Sustainable, Vegan

Digby is the first pure negociant in England, and is made with fruit sourced from long relationships with some of the best growers of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier in England. The English wine country, stretching from the White Cliffs of Dover, has a unique terroir that is perfect for growing grapes ideal for sparkling wines. Named for a 17th century philosopher, artist, and pirate, Digby is an elegant, and truly English wine, gaining international acclaim.

Harrow Hope.jpg
Harrow & Hope

Region: Buckinghamshire 

Farming Type: Organic Practices 


With the retreat of the Thames over the last half a million years, a slice of English soil has been left behind perfect for cultivating  sparkling wine. The Laithwaite Family have committed themselves to the adventure of growing grapes in this flinty and troublesome soil, and the small family team oversees every aspect of creating their single-vineyard wines. Their process is a tribute to traditional method viticulture and winemaking, hardwork, and good fortune, and continues to produce sparkling wines that rival the world's best.


Ame du Vin.jpg
Ame du Vin

Region: Provence    

Farming Type: Sustainable Practices, Vegan

Translating to 'Soul of Wine,' this rose is crafted in the heart of the Côtes de Provence, and is sun-soaked, fruity, and easy to drink and pair. It is crafted with key attention given to sustainability and is certified Vegan.

Cave du Château de Chenas

Region: Burgundy and Beaujolais

Located in the heart of Burgundy and Beaujolais, Chateau de Chenas was built in 1821 by the De la Hante family on the site of an old stronghold. With its impressive, vaulted cellars that date back to 1730 and the constant work of more 80 winemakers the wines are regularly rewarded with numerous prizes and medals.

Billecart Salmon_edited.jpg
Champagne Billecart-Salmon 

Region: Champagne   

Farming Type: Organic, Certified Sustainable 

Family owned and operated since 1818, this champagne house was founded with the marriage of Nicolas François Billecart and Elisabeth Salmon. Since then, seven generations of family members have continued the tradition of creating exceptional Champagnes, guided by the family motto, "Give priority to quality, strive for excellence".

Florence Duchene.jpg
Champagne Florence Duchene

Region: Champagne

Farming Type: Certified High Environmental Value     

Coming from French and Filipino origins, and with a significant family history of winemaking, Florence Duchene has a fresh and unique perspective to offer Champagne. She carries out all steps of the vinification process by hand on her four unique wines, with the stated intention of producing wines "in my image - original, exotic, complex and with character."

Champagne Lombard

Region: Champagne     

Founded in Epernay in 1925, the Lombard House is currently under the direction of Thierry Lombard, the third generation heir. "The environment is of great importance in the winemaking process: the grape varieties live and grow in typical soils, and for each of them the Lombard House strives to unveil their identity most accurately."