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Elliott Bay Distributing Co.

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Locally & Family-Owned and Operated Since 1984

Founded in 1984, Elliott Bay Distributing is an importer and wholesale distributor of fine wines and spirits. We're based in Seattle, and serve Western Washington State.


We're driven by passion - for finding and sharing the best wines in the world, and for offering world-class service along the way. We have a huge wealth of industry experience and expertise to apply to any situation. We value our small size, because it allows for personalized service and attention to detail, which has set us apart from the rest for over 35 years.

Explore our portfolio and meet our incredible producers. We've handpicked the wines we represent for their quality, value, and diversity. So many of our producers are just like us - small, family owned, and detail oriented. The majority of them are at the forefront of sustainable, organic, and biodynamic farming, and understand the value of protecting the environment, and slow, conscientious action. They're making wines we really love, and we think you will too.  

The Story

In June of 1984, co-founders Mike Allen, Bonnie Williams, and Hal Lee left their alcohol industry jobs and decided to start something new. They combined their huge wealth of industry experience and long-standing relationships to establish EBD. With the first logo of a phoenix rising from the ashes, Elliott Bay was born and raised in a charming warehouse in West Seattle, where we stayed for over 30 years. The goals were simple - to provide great service and great wine to their customers. 


While Bonnie and Hal retired in the 2000's, Mike continues to lead the team, now joined by his son Elliott. As we have been from the very beginning, we are focused on staying true to our mission, true to the wines, and true to our customers and producers. 

First Shipment.png

The first delivery to the original warehouse. 

From the beginning, our philosophy has been based on four key values:

Customer Service

Because we're a small, family owned company, you can expect personalized service. Our team goes above and beyond to help you find the right wine every time.

PositiveWork Environment

We value every member of our team and strive for a work environment that is positive, enthusiastic, kind, and fun.

Supplier Relations

We feel proud and lucky to work with amazing producers from all over the world. Whether big or small, we want to help share the passion and quality they put into every bottle.

Dedication & HardWork

With over 35 years of industry experience, we know what it takes to get the job done right. 

Photos from the Archive

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