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Adega de Monção

Region: Monção e Melgaço

This cooperative was established in 1958 thanks to the initiative of 25 vine growers. Today, it is considered one of the most influential cooperatives in the country, and has over 1,700 associated producers. All of the grapes are sourced from small plots in the Monção e Melgaço sub- region, which is known for its continental microclimate, tucked between Sierra Galicia to the north, and the mountain range of the Minho Valley to the south. The wines produced by Adega de Monção are considered the 'benchmark' of Vinho Verdes produced by the region and the country.


Region: Vin de France     

Both the Brut and Rosé Sec sparkling wines are produced using the classic Charmat process. These wines are a great find for those who love the taste of Champagne, but not the price tag. Because the grapes are sourced from numerous vineyards across the country  and blended in unique ways each year, flavors and aromas are kept consistently fresh, light, and refreshing. Great to have as an aperitif or to accompany hors d'ouvres. 


Region: Emilia-Romagna    

The headquarters of the winery is a modern, architectural experiment into what a wine "cellar" can be, blending technology with the tradition of winemaking. The winemaking strategy is distinctly modern, but only accentuates the art and wisdom of the process, creating wines that are meant to be true representations of their origin.  


Region: Le Marche

Farming Type: Certified Organic 

In the vineyards, work is done to let nature be the ultimate influence on the grapes, with the goal of growing healthy grapes that do not need any intervention in the winery. The winemaking process is a combination of tradition and innovation, incorporating years of experience in both spheres to craft clean, meticulous wines that vary with every vintage.

Distillerie Franciacorta.jpg
Distillerie Franciacorta

Region: Franciacorta

Founded in 1901 by Luigi Gozio, the distillery is still owned and run by the Gozio family. Since the beginning, the family has been committed to offering the highest quality products crafted based on tradition, but always operating on the cutting edge of new technologies. Their La Corte Grappa Bianca and Grappa Barricata are distilled especially for the US market. Both of these liqueurs are twice-distilled following fermentation, before being aged in Sherry casks, which yields a complex, well-rounded, and soft spirit.

Casa Vinicola Pietro Nera

Region: Lombardy    

Due to the steep slopes on which the vineyards rest, work is almost exclusively manual, leading to the description of Valtellina viticulture as 'heroic'. From this hard labor and detailed care of the historic vineyards, the Nera family have produced highly acclaimed wines since 1940. 

Sea Smoke.jpg
Sea Smoke Estate Vineyard

Location: Santa Rita Hills AVA

Farming Type: Certified Organic and Biodynamic

Due to its unique location and geographic features, the estate vineyard is washed daily by a marine fog layer, sea 'smoke', lending fantastic growing conditions for premium Pinot Noir. Each vine is handled with individual and meticulous care, to create limited quantities of hand-crafted wines, all while placing the highest emphasis on environmental stewardship.

PC: Robert McLenahan 

Harrow & Hope

Region: Buckinghamshire 

Farming Type: Organic Practices 


With the retreat of the Thames over the last half a million years, a slice of English soil has been left behind perfect for cultivating  sparkling wine. The Laithwaite Family have committed themselves to the adventure of growing grapes in this flinty and troublesome soil, and the small family team oversees every aspect of creating their single-vineyard wines. Their process is a tribute to traditional method viticulture and winemaking, hardwork, and good fortune, and continues to produce sparkling wines that rival the world's best.

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